Workshop Topics

The Art of Facilitation
Strengthen group leadership skills, learn ways to deal with difficult members and work with group dynamics to enhance participant learning and contribution.

Advanced Couple Counselling Techniques
Understand the nuances of couple counselling, ways to engage couples in the development of their relationship and avoid common pitfalls.

Becoming a Strength Based Supervisor
Tools and techniques to bring out strengths in supervision and learn and challenge in a positive environment.

Child Focused Techniques in Clinical Practice
Utilising innovative strategies to encourage parents to positively focus on their children’s needs and build parental alliance.

Giving Children a Voice in Mediation and Counselling
Therapeutic techniques for interviewing children, the development and delivery of feedback to parents and the parameters of confidentiality and safety of children will be addressed in this workshop.

Working Therapeutically with Children
Applying a range of therapeutic interventions and engagement techniques in clinical work with children.

Applying the Principals of Reflective Practice
A workshop on ways to embed reflective practice into clinical and workplace culture.

Therapeutic Strategies in Mediation and Counselling
Tips and tools to utilise in clinical practice which maximise learning, increase relational connection, deepen processes and provide a vehicle for long lasting change.

Mindfulness to Enhance Resilience
A guide to applying mindfulness strategies in workplace and clinical settings as a way to strengthen, empower and build positive culture.

Client/Person Directed Care
Providing practical strategies to embed client/person centred practice as a vehicle for restoration and empowerment.

Youth Mental Health
Understanding the issues and applying strategies to assist young people developing a mental health problem, or in a mental health crisis.

Approaches to Working with Men and Boys
Develop an understanding of effective practices for working therapeutically with boys and men in human service provision from a practitioner and client perspective.

Mediation and Conflict Management
Practical skills to negotiate, mediate, resolve issues, and support decision making in a wide range of professional settings.

Can–do Conversations: The Neuroscience of Conflict
A comprehensive workshop on how the human brain functions, perceives events, processes emotional notions, and formulates decisions in managing conflict and problem solving.

Brain Works and Positive Client Engagement
Understanding how the frontiers of neuroscience, can improve performance on nearly every level—productivity, creativity, and engagement.

Why the Grey Matter Matters: The Brain at Work
Examines how brains respond in workplace settings and strategies to avoid pitfalls and increase effectiveness.

Building Better Workplace Relationships: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
An experiential workshop which recognizes the impact of emotions on behaviour, and the awareness of its effect on others in the workplace.

A Male-Centred Approach to Therapeutic Engagement with Male Survivors of Childhood Trauma
Giving a picture of men’s inner lives and the trauma recovery process and providing strategies for supporting men in their healing journey.

Discovering the Child Within
An experiential workshop for professionals that powerfully demonstrates how reconnecting with your inner child can be the source of reigniting passion and meaning in your work.