Professional Training


Over 25 one hour to half day presentations to assist professionals in clinical, health, education and workplace settings. Seminars utilise a variety of brain friendly techniques such as participatory exercises, therapeutic media and didactic input. All seminars will be customised to meet the specific needs of each group.

Seminar topic areas include: neuroscience, attachment principles, mental health, managing difficult people, grief and trauma, working with children, body image, mindfulness techniques, building resilience, generational change and developing positive workplaces. Other seminars can be designed on specific themes and topics if needed.


One and two day workshop presentations which are experientially based to maximise learning and more readily integrate new skills into practice. High participant involvement, multi-media presentations,  participant and workplace case examples and minimal didactic input ensure a heightened level of interest and relevance is maintained throughout the workshop. All workshops will be discussed with individual organisations in order to ensure specific needs and outcomes are met. Workshops are suitable for professionals in clinical, health and educational settings.

Topic areas include: couple counselling, mediation, supervision, facilitation skills, male centred approaches, working with children, neuroscience and child development, reflective practice, mindfulness, building relationships and psychological wellness. Workshops can be tailored for specific workplace settings.